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We focus on formationtraining and eServices. We believe that education, constant development and strategic online branding are vital elements towards achieving excellence.

Our mission is Transforming Learning Through Technology.

Our goal is to assist clients to become leaders and innovators in their sectors.

Globalisation has indeed changed the way we communicate with people all over the world. To help learners in becoming a more effective communicator, we offer training and development services using a learning management system, instructional-design modules for creating e-learning courses and e-commerce for easy customer access.

E-learning is predicted to grow to over 30% by 2020. Businesses are searching for methods of improving employee development to reduce employee turnover rates. KC English Academy’s b2b e-commerce solution facilitates clients in their transformation by carefully planning and implementing the tools needed to boost employee growth. Digital transformation into e-learning enables companies to provide custom e-learning training. A new e-learning centre emerges for employees, staff or learners.

Learning Management System

A LMS (Learning Management System) helps business team members to connect, store and organise material as well as clients to have a virtual learning "home".

Managing learner's developmental process can be time-consuming and at times, chaotic. Implementing a LMS automates various task while allowing instructors to dedicate their focus towards student's development. Managers, coordinators and group leaders have access to the pedagogical process and data for careful monitoring of the development of students.

KC English Academy uses a customised learning management system to optimise user experiences within courses we provide to our learners. More information is available on our digital resources page.

E-learning training

We believe learning should be a fun experience and technology helps with it.

Business owners who required employees to improve soft skills or update to new regulations have custom-developed models incorporated into their e-learning centres. Our instructional design department is available to assist clients in developing e-learning modules.

Our approach is personalised. We transform materials built in (ppt or pdf) format into interactive and fun eLearning courses that fit your needs and taste. This video is one example of interactive business e-learning.

Business courses are available in-company or through our Learning Mangement System. Clients who desire to develop an e-learning centre to include a LMS, browse our eServices for e-commerce options that suit current learning needs.

Blended English courses

We provide our learners various levels of English and business courses for their personal and professional development. Students who desire to obtain certification can practice for official Cambridge or Trinity exams. Courses are available for young learners, students and adults. We make it easy to learn English online anytime anywhere. We offer in-person, online or blended learning options.

For more information on the courses we offer, visit our courses page. Specific courses which are not listed, we can develop it. Please contact us with details of course requirements or use our digital inquiry page.

Promotional Videos

Marketing plays a significant role in attracting new clients, as well as, displaying new products and services. To further enhance an e-learning centre, customers can have custom promotional videos developed. Find our more about our promotional marketing videos.


Confused where to start building an e-learning centre? Is professional assistance required for building e-learning courses? Using old courses that need transforming into e-learning? Is managing a learning management system a complete mystery? Not sure which method to implement for employees or learners using instructional design modules? Experiencing server to LMS communication problems within an e-learning centre? Not satisfied with e-learning centre or courses design? No worries. We offer Consulting for clarifying e-learning objectives in the process of transforming learning through technology. If any of these questions remain unanswered, our consulting package found in eServices will help resolve uncertainties.


Our goals are to assist clients in expanding their visions while promoting their brand as market leaders. We are happy to offer our customers a wide-range of services. Services are web development, instructional design, graphic design, promotional videos and remote IT assistance among others.

We can lend a hand in developing individual assets or a complete e-learning centre. Building an efficient e-learning centre requires various components such as planning, coordination, resources and patience.

Browse our eServices centre to find the solution to catapult your business above competitors.

Professional and personal development is a funeasyexciting and interactive with KC English Academy. Transforming Learning Through Technology must be planned step-by-step to ensure the success of an engaging e-learning centre. KC English Academy is here to assist digital transformation through technology.

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